Surviving Outside Sales

Securing Financial Freedom through Independent Contracting - Rebroadcast | SOS Ep. 336

August 17, 2023 Mike O'Kelly Season 1 Episode 336
Surviving Outside Sales
Securing Financial Freedom through Independent Contracting - Rebroadcast | SOS Ep. 336
Surviving Outside Sales +
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What if the corporate world you are so comfortable in suddenly changes leaving you without a job?
Picture the sales landscape that has been your playfield for years suddenly turning upside down. This episode offers an intriguing discussion revealing the crucial need for supplementary streams of income. Together, they delve deep into the world of independent contracting while sharing tips, strategies, and insights on how to set up secondary and tertiary incomes. 

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Speaker 1:

Iving Outside Sales podcast, hosted by Mike O'Kelly, presented by Sales Builder Academy. The goal is to survive and thrive all phases of outside sales, whether you're getting in, dominating or getting out. Surviving Outside Sales. Now on with the show. I'm just a surviving outside sales podcast and your host, mike O'Kelly, this Thursday wanna remind you. There is a the beginning of the business of sales seminars on LinkedIn. They're gonna be Thursdays at noon. I'm gonna have different guests each week, different topics, talking about the business of sales, talking about things that you can do to drive more revenue or protect yourself from what might happen in the corporate world. Saw a report the other day that they were talking about the interest rates and they were celebrating the fact. The interest rates I'm sorry, not interest rates, the inflation, excuse me, inflation rates were down to 3%, peaking from 9% last year, and you sit there and I'm thinking to myself they're cheering the fact that inflation is only 3% and yet a lot of times in the corporate world you get a 3% raise and that basically just keeps your purchasing power at the exact same level. Trust me when I tell you you need to have another stream of income. You're never gonna get wealthy. You're never going to be able to survive off of one stream of income. Okay, so right now, if you are very settled, if you're very happy where you are in your career, that is the perfect time to find a secondary income. It's not to sit back, it's not to have that work-life balance. I get it. The problem is the sales world has been turned upside down the last five years and you never know when your organization is going to sell. You never know when your organization is gonna do a reorg. There was a dermatology company that I mentioned less than a month ago that was doing well, but they decided to let go all of their commercial team because they wanted to launch a new product and didn't have the finances to do that. So the CEO just decided, in fact in the press release said we had to have enough runway so that we can launch our new product that's coming out in January. I wonder who that CEO is gonna get to actually sell the product. But I digress. Thursday you can join me and Jennifer Jones at noon. We're gonna be discussing the importance of having 1099. We're also gonna be talking about the difference between independent contracting 1099. There are some subtle differences and some tips and strategies on how you can implement your secondary, tertiary incomes, if you're selling another product, and what you should be looking for, how you should structure things and when you know it is a good opportunity and it's not. So Thursday, go to my LinkedIn. You can see on the event page. But it sign up and register. It's gonna be at noon Eastern on Thursday, coming up very excited about that. And Jennifer Jones is amazing. She is absolutely crushed it in the 1099 world. So she's gonna tell you about her experience and what she has done so Thursday. But it is really important that overall, it's not just about finding multiple streams of income. It is not about finding side hustles. It is understanding that you have to prepare for the worst. You hope for the best, but you have to prepare for the worst. So, whatever you're doing in your daily life, whatever you're doing in your career, just prepare for the worst. So if something happens, if you were to lose your job today, if you were to lose your career today, what would you do? What would happen? What type of steps would you go through to save your career and to protect your livelihood? Are you prepared for something to happen? Do you have a long enough runway where you can pivot in life or are you just scrambling living paycheck to paycheck? Look, I've been there. I don't disparage anybody. Okay, everybody's situation is different. But if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you're listening to me right now I highly recommend that you show up on Thursday to the seminar and hear the story of Jennifer and how she cracked her golden handcuffs. Even if you aren't struggling and you want to get a secondary income because there's certain things in your life that you want to be able to do, highly recommend you come Thursday and if you don't shoot me a message, I can send you a recording or we can have a chat about what we discussed. I'm always open to chat and have conversations to people who are willing to learn more about surviving outside sales, about sales builder Academy, about anything that has to do with the business of sales. I'm always willing to help an industry and people in an industry who might feel lost. They might not know what their next move and their next step is. That is the person that I'm willing to help and I want to help. I've mentioned before I didn't have any of these resources when I came up. I want to offer these resources to people now, people that might be struggling, that may be looking and trying to find themselves. That is what I want to do. I want to appreciate everybody who's been listening. Thank you so much. Today is a short episode, but I hope that you at least took a little bit out of it. The key message is prepare for the worst, hope for the best. I'm releasing sales escape plan. It is going to be your way of navigating your career and figuring out what the next moves are going to be. That course is going to be released at the end of the month or the beginning of August. If you are interested, dm me and let me know you are interested. I'm going to be taking five people the first five people and I'm going to be doing a group coaching special project with the sales escape plan. If you want to be one of the first five people, reach out to me. If you know somebody who might be interested in this, shoot them a message, have them, dm me on LinkedIn. Mike O'Kelly, follow me, dm me or you can email Mike at surviving outside sales either one. I prefer LinkedIn because it's a lot faster for people. They don't have to type in an email address. But the first five people I will be helping personally with the sales escape plan. There's going to be some other bonuses as well. Reach out to me if you have any questions. We'll see you tomorrow Surviving Outside Sales. Bye-bye.