Surviving Outside Sales

What the Lamar Jackson saga can teach us about our business | SOS Ep. 219

March 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 219
Surviving Outside Sales
What the Lamar Jackson saga can teach us about our business | SOS Ep. 219
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Show Notes

Your value in sales is based on what you can provide for an organization in the future, not paid on your past performance.

Now, your past performance will dictate the ballpark your compensation will land, but you are not owed any money for past results.

The Lamar Jackson saga won't end well for anyone involved in the long run.  Lamar and the Ravens will both lose on this deal in the future.

There are things that you can learn from this.

Learning points:
- You don't get paid future money for past results
- Don't obsess over what someone else is making, focus on your business only
- Be loyal to those who have built around you and seek to understand their situtation, not just yours.

In a, "I have to get mine culture" money is way too high on the level of things professionals obsess over, not once focusing on the long-term vision yet to come.

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