Surviving Outside Sales

Support the sales world and see your support rise | SOS Ep. 90

August 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 90
Surviving Outside Sales
Support the sales world and see your support rise | SOS Ep. 90
Surviving Outside Sales +
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Show Notes

It is crucial that if you are in sales, you have a supportive point of view.

When people in sales have created something, whether it be a book, podcast, study guide newsletter or online course, support them by purchasing.

We are in sales and want others to buy, et for the longest time, I hear sales professionals talk about how they don't buy anything from other sales professionals.

Imagine the disconnect and shock when they wonder why their sales aren't growing and their network is stagnant.

I spend a lot of money on other people's products because I want to get better, smarter and want to be able to connect with their network and build my universe a little bit larger.

I am also in the belief that the more you support, the more support will come your way.

Sales is not a net zero game. One party doesn't lose and the other wins. Both win and the more stacking of those wins that take place, the more everyone succeeds.

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